How to Order    


If your school is accepting paper menus , parent can order lunches any time.

Please note, that you cannot start lunch from the next day with paper menu.

There will be 2 days lead time needed to get your order to our system.

Therefore if you sign up paper menu , Please keep 2 day lead time and order lunches.




1. Parents can cancel any lunch order with 1 week prior notice. We do not accept same week cancelation. But you can change lunch choice with a 1 day notice.

2. All cancelation refund will be a free lunch coupons towards future lunch orders. No cash back refunds.





1. Go to www.
2. Click – “SIGN –IN” tab
3. Fill your information and you will get a password from our company by an e-mail.
4. Log in with your e-mail & password in our Web site.
5. Go to “my children” and create your child’s account by choosing your school.
6. Go to “new order” and now you can place the on-line order and pay on-line.

1. 20th day of the month will be the last day to order lunches in the current month. After the 20th menu will be changed to next month. Parents can order weekly. But make sure before 20th must complete current month orders.

2. Weekly orders due day will be Friday 12.00 noon. After that parent will not see the next week menu. But still can order lunches for following week to end of the month. If you order by week, please create 3 profiles to your child.

Ex. John –1, John-2, John –3. Each week you have to go to next profile and order lunches. Otherwise system will not alow you to see the on-line menu.

All on-line orders must pay by on-line. If you miss or disconnect payment transaction, Please go to our Web site and inform us through “Contact Us”. We will be charging that order by using your previous order credit card information. You will get a receipt once your credit card is charged.

If you had placed an order that you do not want, Please inform us through our web site “Contact us” immediately. Otherwise we are sending the lunch to that order and your credit card will be charged later.

If any order is not paid, we are sending the courtesy Due payment reminder notice to your e-mail on file. After 2nd due payment reminder we will charge that order amount to your filed credit card. Because we are sending the lunch for that order. If we failed to charge we will be canceling the lunch order from the system.

1. Go to our website home page
2. Below the "Member log in" you will find "Fogot Password" link and click.
3. Enter your email address which used to log in and you will be getting the lost pass in few mins to your email.



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